Know more about the Swimming Log Book

A swim book is to log the swimming workout details. Whether you are an international swimmer or just a weekend swimmer, a swimming book will definitely help you.

There are training log and competition log pages. Personal information like height and weight can also be entered. It is always good to fill in the training log after each training session when the details are still fresh in the mind. The meters swam, hours spent swimming and different strokes practiced should be recorded. The resting heart rate, effort levels, fatigue, muscle soreness etc. can be tracked. Consistent tracking definitely motivates us to do better and more. Coach’s comments can also be entered. Eating habits and sleeping patterns also can be tracked. Realistic and measurable swimming goals can be set. Setting goals will help one to stay focused and make the journey exciting. A schedule that can be followed regularly should be created. Regular analysis is needed to find out what are you missing out, how much extra effort is required to achieve the goal.

Competition log pages can be used to log the details of the competition and the eating and sleeping patterns during the days before the competition. Goals can be set for the competitions also. You can also record how you felt during the competition and your anxiety levels. Sometimes lifestyle changes and lowering the anxiety will take you way ahead in the competitions. At times when the performance was lower than expected, glancing at the past triumphs will sure boost the confidence.

Many swimming logbooks are available in the market. Like YourSwimBook which can be ordered online from the site ‘’. If you are a beginner or a swimmer participating in international championships, maintaining a swim log will take your swimming to the next level.